4 Surprising Fitness Tips

Even if you consider yourself to be somewhat of a fitness guru, there are always new facts and tidbits out there that can really aid your fitness progression. Whether it’s the latest fitness gadgets or just some new protein drink, you can never know enough. That’s why I’ve rounded up a list of some rather surprising fitness tips that they probably don’t know about yet. They’re unconventional are sure to make your workouts a boost.

1. Stop exercising with your best friend.

Yes we all know that working out with a friend is supposed to give you more motivation. But recent research has shown that working out with a close friend can actually reduce the intensity and length of your daily workouts. You probably spend more time gossiping about the Jolie-Pitts than working on your glutes. So make sure to choose your workout partner carefully or just stick to hitting up the gym solo.

2. Wear red and orange workout clothes.

This might sound a little strange, but current research has shown that red and orange light waves affect how the hypothalamus works. It’s responsible regulating your appetite and body temperature. So in theory, wearing these colors while you exercise will increase your body temperature as well as your energy levels.

3. Avoid the elliptical machine.

It’s one of the most monotonous workout machines at the gym anyway, so this shouldn’t be hard. It’s also one of the least effective pieces of cardio equipment because it utilizes momentum rather your muscle force. It’s still great for warming up, but if you really want to burn fat, move on to something a little more challenging.

4. Use an exercise ball chair.

This is an almost effortless way to work on your abs. While you are sitting at your desk, your abdominal muscles have to make up for the changes in balance that occur when you are sitting on an exercise ball. And if you consider all the time you spend behind a computer, this can really add up.

Follow some of these tips and you’ll be on your way to a higher level of fitness. And remember there are always new products and research out there to help you stay fit, so keep up with the research and try your best to keep your workouts fresh and varied. There’s nothing worse than being bored with your workout.