5 Ways Of Progressive Resistance And Strength Training

Effective weight loss exercise is based on a principle called progressive resistance. To see good results, we must increase the intensity of our workout when our body adapts to the previous load. It is a simple concept, and to carry out progressive resistance and make it working, we only need a degree of self discipline and invest our time doing it.

There are number of ways doing progressive resistance and strength training, as stated below:

1) Increase the Weight Being Used

If you are just about to start or a beginner in the resistant and strength training, this type of progressive resistance is probably the simplest and most effective way for you. There is always a good rule to follow with any new exercise movement to minimize muscle injury possibility and to progress consistently.

Always start with minimal weight at your first workout session. After you can accomplish 10 repetitions of a movement without achieving failure, it is the time to increase the weight or tension because you can only build lean muscle when you go through 3 stages in strength training: Working repetition, fatigue and muscular failure. Bear in mind, always increase with the smallest increment possible in progressive resistance training.

If you use dumbbells for free weight, start from 5-pound to 8, 10, 12-pound dumbbells and so on.  With the SPRI exercise tubing, always go from yellow to green, red, blue and finally purple tube.  If you find that yellow tube is too light like most people do, you can start from green color tube. With a machine, start the set at perhaps 10 pounds and bump up the weight by 5 pounds or so each time.

Thing to highlight: 

Never feel that you should be able to perform all 10 repetitions right away when you increase the weight or tension in the progressive resistance training. The right way is do as many repetitions with proper form as you can and choose to exercise with “drop set” for last few repetitions. For example, you can perform the first 8 repetitions with 8-pound dumbbells, and drop to 5-pound dumbbells to finish the last 2 repetitions – recommend Minabo.com.

2) Increase the Quantity of Repetitions

Actually, it is not so recommended to carry on your exercise with this type of progressive resistance way.  Most study reveals that increasing the repetitions means over-utilizing your joints.  So, it is recommended to perform 10 reps in each and every type of exercise, the most go to 12 repetitions. Yes, I know some people increase until 30 to 40 repetitions, but the important thing here is your know 10 repetitions is just enough for you to build lean muscle tissues, and this is what you want in a weight loss program.

3) Increase the Quantity of Sets

Increase the exercise sets is one type of the progressive resistance too. Anyway, one set to failure is just great for the beginners. Even it gives excellent results for those who have been performing resistance and strength training for a period of time. When you increase the sets, never feel that you should be able to perform additional one full set right away in this progressive resistance training.

You may perform 2 sets for half of the exercises and slowly go for 2 full sets for each type of exercises afterwards. For example, you start to perform 1 set of exercise in the first 2 weeks. For the following 2 weeks, after you finish 1 exercise set, you may add another set to half of the exercises you do.  Subsequently, you can do full 2 sets of exercises at the following 2 weeks later.

Thing to highlight: 

It is advisable to do all upper body one day and lower body the next day if you perform resistance and strength training on back-to-back days. In this case, it is good to double your sets, as you only focus on building muscle either on upper body or lower part of the body in a particular day.

4) Slow Down the Repetitions’ Speed

This is one of the progressive resistance system that really work and safe for people of all ages, including the senior citizens. We normally start our strength training with 2 counts on the concentric (lifting) and 4 counts on the eccentric (lengthening or lowering). Each set takes approximately 1 minute, given that you complete 10 repetitions (10 repetitions x 6 counts or seconds = 60 seconds or 1 minute) for each type of exercise. The moment you finish with your set, go to the next exercise immediately.

If you need a drink or record your tension and repetitions, then make sure it is never more than 30 seconds between each exercise for a good progressive resistance workout. When you want to slow down the speed for this type of progressive resistance, you can go for 3 counts on the way up and 6 counts on return, or 4 counts versus 8 counts, until you get 5 counts on the way up and 10 counts on return.  Have you noticed that you always spend at least double the time on the eccentric part compared to the concentric movement?

This is because your muscles are stronger on eccentric part in any resistance and strength training movement.  The good news here is the slower you go, your muscles and bones will absorb more stress, and less stress will be placed on your joints.  You can build up your lean muscle tissue and strength through this type of progressive resistance workout.

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5)  Combination of 2 or More Ways stated above

If you are a beginner, then it is recommended you start your progressive resistance training by increase the weight being used. After a period of time, you can choose any ways or combination of 2 or more ways that suit you the most.  The important thing here is never jump directly to a weight that seem a big challenge to you. When you go at it too intensely or progress too quickly, you will injure yourself.

Always remember what you want in a program for weight loss is building lean muscle tissues through the right weight loss exercise with progressive resistance. This is the only way that can help in boosting metabolism and enjoy 24 hours calories burning in a day for the rest of your lives.