Safe use of analgesics

Painkillers are commonly available to all of us not only in pharmacies, but also in shops and even at petrol stations. No wonder, then, that we use them so willingly, when we start having headache, toothache or abdominal pain. Medicines of this type are by definition safe for our body, but only if we use them properly. So what should we know about this? Combining different analgesics

For your own safety, we should not take different types of painkillers at the same time, unless a doctor or pharmacist has told us to do so. Patients often combine drugs containing seemingly different substances in order to increase the effect of such drugs. In many cases, however, it turns out that they still belong to the same drug group, which may lead to side effects. Potential side effects of taking analgesics

Improper use of analgesics may cause various side effects, depending on the type of preparation we use. The most popular are definitely non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), which can lead to: problems in the gastrointestinal tract; liver damage; kidney problems.

Equally often we use drugs containing paracetamol, which can lead to very serious liver damage. For this reason, it is advisable to be very careful when taking them.

In special cases, analgesics with a much stronger effect, such as those from the opioid group, may be recommended to the patient. Potential side effects include constipation and nausea, dry mouth, drowsiness and respiratory problems. When and how to take analgesics?

Patients are advised to take analgesics as soon as they start to feel pain. When the ailments are already severe, there is a risk that the preparation will act with a long delay and it will be necessary to take a higher dose.

If possible, eat something before taking a painkiller. Thanks to this, we can avoid the occurrence of side effects associated with the functioning of the digestive tract. What should not be combined with analgesics?

When taking analgesics, we should give up the use of stimulants, especially alcohol. Consuming it can damage the liver and the risk of developing it becomes greater with the use of medicines. Such preparations should also not be drunk with grapefruit juice, because it affects the metabolism of a large number of drugs. How long can analgesics be used?

If you have been prescribed any painkillers by your doctor, you should strictly follow his instructions. If we take such preparations on our own, usually the safe time of their use is 3-5 days. After this time, you should see a specialist who will help you determine the cause of the pain and implement appropriate therapy. Do pain medication addict?

The risk of becoming addicted to analgesics is highest in the case of preparations from the opioid group. In order not to lead the patient to physical and mental dependence, they must be taken in strictly defined doses by a specialist. Painkillers and children

Before using the painkiller in children, make sure that the preparation can be taken by the youngest patients. The doses administered to them must also be adjusted to their age and body weight.