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Take care of your cardiovascular system! 10 best practices

Many people have more or less serious cardiovascular problems. Often, however, we do not even realize that certain conditions that affect us are their symptom. Ever cold feet or hands, cramps causing pain, numbness in legs and hands, or even concentration problems - all this can be a sign that it's time to take care of your cardiovascular system. Below we present a list of the simplest and best ways to improve its functioning.

While most of us realize that living under constant stress can lead to vascular-heart disease, we usually don't do anything about it. However, it is worth giving yourself more time to take a break from everyday problems. Even a short trip out of town can have a beneficial effect on our body.

A lot of people spend many hours at work in a sitting position, not breaking away from their desks too often. However, to support your cardiovascular system, it is worth doing stretching exercises at least once an hour.Learn how to breathe properly

Breathing exercises can have a real impact not only on how we feel, but also on our health. A properly oxygenated body means better functioning of the circulatory system. Yoga can help you to master the difficult art of proper breathing, which also improves your motor skills. Forget about cigarettes.

There is no need to convince anyone about the harmful effects of tobacco on our entire body. Cigarette smoking affects not only the respiratory system but also the cardiovascular system, so if you want to take care of it, you should get rid of this addiction.Try the traditional massage.

Massage is not without reason associated with relaxation and luxury. But even this amateur-made one can effectively stimulate blood circulation in our body.Exercise in water.

It has been known for a long time that swimming has a positive effect on our body. However, even people who cannot swim can exercise in the water. Walking in the shallower part of the pool, floating on the water with a board or participating in aqua aerobics also have a positive effect on our cardiovascular system.

Flexible veins and arteries are important elements of the cardiovascular system, so they need an adequate amount of collagen. In order for our body to be able to produce it, we must provide it with an appropriate dose of vitamin C, which is contained in many fruits and vegetables.

Many plants and natural products have a positive effect on blood circulation. So why not use them every day? Spicy spices, green tea or ginger and hawthorn can work wonders. Enjoy wine in moderation.

For some time it was a great secret for scientists that despite the not very favorable diet, the French enjoy a low risk of atherosclerosis and other heart diseases. It turns out that the answer may be wine, which the citizens of that country consume every day, but in small quantities.
Eat properly

A healthy diet is a factor that is largely conducive to maintaining our cardiovascular system in good shape. Therefore, it is worth taking care to consume natural products, lean meat, vegetables and fruits, as well as cooked or baked dishes instead of fried ones. Remember that what we eat also affects our mood, so we will gain twice as much from changing our eating habits.