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How do I choose pills for impotence dysfunction?

Statistics show that erectile dysfunction occurs during every fifth sexual intercourse. This means that every man has to deal with this frustrating problem at least once in a while. The situation is quite embarrassing, so many men are in no hurry to see a doctor. Instead, they try to solve the problem by looking for potency pills in drugstores and pharmacies. But how do we find a product that will give us the confidence to meet male expectations and when to abandon the search on our own with the help of a specialist?

What leads to erectile dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction is not the domain of older men. They often appear before a man reaches the age of forty. Their causes are usually divided into those that have a psychological and physiological background. The most common psychological cause of erectile dysfunction is stress, but it is not only stress that is a male problem. Conflicts between partners, feelings of insecurity and anxiety, lack of interest in the partner herself, depression and other mental illnesses can also be blamed for this.

The physiological causes of erectile dysfunction are more complex. It often turns out that the problem is the damage of both the blood flow and nerve impulses to the penis. This situation may occur as a consequence of prostate surgery, but injuries and diseases leading to nerve damage may also be guilty. Often, gentlemen also struggle with hormonal disorders. Some medicines, including sedatives, antidepressants and diuretics, are also responsible for the problems during sexual intercourse. Sometimes unexpectedly bad results are also caused by a bad diet based on animal fats, especially if it is combined with a reluctance to physical activity.

What solutions to erectile dysfunction should I use?

If the scale of the problem is not large, men themselves can take action to deal with it. Nowadays in pharmacies we can count not only on herbal preparations, but also on pharmacological agents, which not so long ago could be obtained only on prescription. Before buying it is worth to analyze not only the promotional leaflet, but also the composition of the preparation, because it is known that some active substances are more effective than others.

Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) is a steroid hormone responsible for the production of which the adrenal cortex is responsible. It can be converted to testosterone, so it is not surprising that it improves potency in those who do not have a high concentration of the hormone. In the plant world, the precursor DHEA is derived, among other things, from a natural wrinkle, but there is still no scientific evidence of the effectiveness of this solution. Another interesting solution may be a yohimbine - an alkaloid, which is obtained by using powdered bark of a tree in Africa called Johimba medical. Its use is also popular when we deal with psychological sexual problems, because yohimbine stimulates in a way similar to that of caffeine. Of course, similar undesirable effects can also be expected.