Cardiovascular drugs

Potency tablets - how do they work and are they really effective?

Potency tablets can be divided into those that are prescribed and those that do not require a prescription. The active substance they contain is of key importance here. Those that seem to be prescribed by a doctor are usually considered more effective, but if we are dealing with a commonly available preparation that, however, contains sildenafil, we can also be satisfied with the effects of its use. Therefore, it is worth asking yourself what the effect of such tablets is.

How do potency pills work?

Potency problems can occur in both older men and 20-year-olds. Each time they are equally concerned, although they may have different causes. In older men, they are usually a consequence of hypertension, hypertrophy of the prostate gland and coronary artery disease. In younger patients, it is the yield of anabolic steroids allowing to increase muscle mass, poor diet and lack of exercise.

Drugs that improve the quality of erection usually affect the cardiovascular system. They improve the patency of blood vessels, so that enough blood can reach the penis. It should be remembered, however, that drugs used to treat impotence disorders usually do not increase the desire for sex at all, which is the task of aphrodisiacs. Sexual desire is at the same level at all times. It is difficult to expect them to be effective if impotence is a consequence of depression or chronic stress.

Which pills should I choose?

The number of potency tablets available on the Polish market is so large that it is not difficult to come across agents whose action is weak or not confirmed by research. Therefore, if we are counting on their effectiveness, we should decide above all on the resources available in pharmacies. The availability of tablets also affects the choice of tablets. Many of them can be bought without a doctor's prescription, but there are also many that you will not get if you do not take a prescription beforehand. Of course, the latter is more effective. Medicines, unlike dietary supplements, should meet strict quality standards, and their effectiveness must be confirmed by scientific research.

It is worth noting that over-the-counter potency pills are usually supplements. The manufacturer does not have to show that their use has any results at all. The composition of the supplements is usually based on herbs. In many cases, the concentration is extremely low. So if you really want to improve your sexual performance, it's best to see a doctor.

Sildenafil - confirmed effect substance

This does not mean, of course, that all OTC drugs are an attempt to earn money from male naivety. The active substance, which has been scientifically proven to work, is inter alia sildenafil. It improves the process of blood flow that takes place in the blood vessels, which makes it easier to achieve erection. Not so long ago, the use of sildenafil was difficult due to its inclusion in patent law. Today, however, it can also be used in those preparations that are administered without a prescription, provided that they are used in accordance with the guidelines of their manufacturer.