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cover bookCertified Personal Trainer and Weight Loss Expert Joanna Parker Wants You To Finally Get The Body You Want – Learn How With Her New Book, Get Real About Weight Loss!

Get Real About Weight Loss Will Show You:

  • A no-nonsense “Get Real” approach to weight loss
  • Tips for revving up your metabolism
  • Illustrations and instructions for 34 exercises and 13 stretches
  • Simple to follow workout plans
  • Sample eating plan for a full week
  • Exercise guide for both gym and in-home workouts
  • Nutritional values for seven popular restaurants
  • Nutritional values for 161 common foods
  • Tricks for how to minimize cravings

“As a board certified endocrinologist, I strongly recommend Joanna Parker’s book as a must read for those in search of physical well being and weight management. Her advanced knowledge and personal experience in health and weight management science are apparent and readily accessible in this easy to read but comprehensive manual. It takes those familiar with the basics to a new level with practical as well as grounded scientific information in weight control and exercise.”

Gerardo Bueso, M.D.
Houston, Texas

Working as a personal trainer for over a decade has shown Joanna Parker exactly what works and what doesn’t in weight loss. In “Get Real About Weight Loss” she provides you with step-by-step guidance on how to overcome mental roadblocks, create an exercise plan, learn to eat right, and finally lose weight.