“I Was Amazed at How Quickly I Got Back Into Shape”

I began working with Joanna after the birth of my second child. I was amazed at how quickly I got back into shape! She is an amazing friend as well as trainer. Her insights have been invaluable.

Elizabeth Jeffers,
Houston, Texas

“A Great Personal Trainer”

Joanna is a great personal trainer. She is very personable and helpful, as well as very professional. Since I am a physical therapist myself, I was looking for a personal trainer that had a training philosophy that was based on a through working knowledge of the muscle physiology and proper exercise techniques. Joanna exhibited this expertise along with a fun, energetic attitude during our workout sessions.

Stephanie Robinson,
Houston, Texas

“A Super Trainer”

Joanna is a super trainer because she pushes you to the max, but never injures you. She motivates and inspires me to always do my best workout, but it’s such fun I don’t mind the hard work.

Margaret Tellegen,
Houston, Texas

“She is Passionate About Helping People Achieve Desired Results”

Joanna Morgan is an excellent trainer. She is passionate about helping people achieve desired results. I witnessed a marked improvement in my body tone, strength and most importantly self-confidence. Health and fitness is her craft. I enjoyed training with Joanna because she motivated me mentally and physically to improve my lifestyle!

Laura Alaniz,
Houston, Texas

Now I Enjoy Working Out”

As a self-proclaimed evader of working out, I knew I had to get a trainer to get me going and make me stay with it. I began working with Joanna in January 2004 and was down a size by March, and had reshaped my body by May. Joanna is very knowledgeable and motivating, and encouraged me to stay on track with my workouts and diet. Now I enjoy working out and try harder to keep it up.

Marianne Dwyer
Houston, Texas

“Her Ability and Skill in Obtaining the Optimal Results Have Been Very Satisfying”

I have found Joanna to be very concerned with my goals. She is encouraging and supportive. I have found her support as a dietitian and weight trainer very helpful in reaching my goals. Her ability and skill in obtaining the optimal results has been very satisfying.

Leslie Chase,
Houston, Texas

“Her Passion for Fitness Has Definitely Rubbed Off On Me”

I had never worked out with a personal trainer before Joanna, but she made me feel comfortable right away. Training with her was fun, personal and most importantly, instead of looking at it as something I had to do, it was something I looked forward to doing. Her passion for fitness has definitely rubbed off on me.

Yolanda Castro,
Houston, Texas

“Amazing What a Workout You Can Get at Home!”

For more than one year already my husband and I “enjoyed” our bi-weekly, at-home training sessions with Joanna. Amazing what a work out you can get at home! We built that extra muscle tissue, we strengthened our bones, we improved our sense of balance and we definitely feel the difference. Just to mention of a few of her strengths and competencies: follows a no-nonsense approach, just gives you that extra push with a keen eye for correcting you when you take the easy way out, able to set the pace & weights to match with your fitness level of the moment, zero injuries, sound nutrition advice, always on time and of course, a most impressive role model with a great sense of humor!

Maud Bech,
Houston, Texas

“She Pinpoints the Problem/Issue and Can Always Provide a Solution”

Here are some of Joanna’s great qualities:

  • she listens with a 3rd ear
  • she pinpoints the problem/issue, and can always provide a solution
  • never negative
  • her challenges are fun or funny
  • she points out that I’m not eating enough or often enough, which is a welcome criticism – unusual for weight loss plan

Sue Patrick,
Houston, Texas