Watch Girlfriend in a Coma


A blend of Michael Moore, Adam Smith and Bunga Bunga with a dash of Dante

Former Economist Editor Bill Emmott and Filmmaker Annalisa Piras explore Italy’s political, economic and social decline over the past 20 years, the product of a moral collapse unmatched anywhere else in the West.

Emmott’s quest to understand both “Mala Italia” and “Buona Italia” includes Interviews with the former Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti, philosopher and novelist Umberto Eco, film director Nanni Moretti, women’s rights activist Lorella Zanardo, FIAT’s outspoken Canadian-Italian CEO Sergio Marchionne, the author of “Gomorrah” Roberto Saviano and many others.



Any comments?

  1. Thank you for this documentary. I am an Italian young woman who decided to work abroad because there is no future for me there. I don’t see opportunities but i hope. I have hope that one day I will go back. That I will not see the potential anymore but I will witness all the potential beome the reality.
    Someone said “I have a dream”, I do to. I dream to go back and enjoy my country and be pround on being Italian. I am 23 now, I hope that I will see this happening… Maybe one day…